Corruption Detected


Error Message Containing the statement:


 DBFNTX/1012 Corruption detected


 Internal Error


The cause of this error is usually a problem with the hard disk's File Allocation Table (FAT). This problem is not caused by the CMS software and it can affect any or all of the programs on your hard disk. This is a serious problem that should be fixed AT ONCE and prior to entering any data into any program on your computer.




1. Perform disk diagnostics and perform the steps necessary to correct the hard disk's File Allocation Table.


2. Enter the program directory.


3. At the DOS prompt type the following EXACTLY as shown!DEL *.NTX


4. Execute each CMS Program to create the index files for that program.


Example for Stockroom Inventory steps 3 to 5:






In versions 4.2 DOS and above, the Clean up Data Files and Indexes step deletes the index files as part of the reindexing procedure. Perform this step and restart the program. It is NOT necessary to do steps 1 through 4 as outlined above.


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